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Week 1&2 discussion

week1: Capitalism destroys the relationships between each other. The appearance of capitalism brings slavery, poor wages, and tough working conditions. They makes local people work hard to benefit the people in their homeland. They also have unfair impression of different groups of people. In this way, it causes the disruption of the relationship between Chinese and Jamaican people. However, sound system was grew from this kind of colonizion and capitalism. Besides, Chiney shop also appears as a site of community, leisure, and listening, where Jamaican and Chinese people built up relationships and transactions. Also from the article, we could see the important role of the sound system played in their daily lives. Soundscape music involves different cultural element and creates interactions between communities. Multiple exclusions of race, color, and class get to negotiate through sound. Even under that kind of environment, people still try to continue to create new relationship between each other.

week2: Based on the concept of settler colonialism, countries try to replace the local people and local industry as superiors of the land and take over the land and resources. The United States' action of getting control of Hawaii is a representation of hegemony through an antiprimitive ideology. We could understand more about the relationship between Hawaii and China and the US and Japanese imperialism with this concept. As more and more Chinese people arrived in Hawaii, this stimulated Japanese imperialism. However, when the US government established control of the Kingdom, the system actually benefited the people outside of the land instead of the local people. Likewise, the Open Door Policy signed by the US government ensured equality between countries. It only guaranteed the benefits that each country got from the ports but made the colony get worse. Similarly, British colonialism of the Caribbean actually benefited the people outside of the land. Gradually, they replaced the local production and system and gained control of the country.